Fancy Nails is a place where you can relax and let go of your worries.

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Fancy Nails

Experience the best nail care services from our nail salon in Charlotte, NC 28278. We wish to bring all of our beloved customers a happy time when using our services.

At Fancy Nails, you are worry-free with our professional nail technicians, clean and hygienic tools, a wide range of color selections, with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Our nail techs are licensed, well trained, experienced, talented, and have a great passion for their work.

Cleanliness is a detailed focus in our nail salon. We follow proper procedures and use hospital-grade disinfectants to make sure our tools are clean and safe to use. The tools are cleaned, dried, and packed individually for each client and kept in the sterilizer machine until being used. We dispose of single-use tools such as buffer and wood sticks to improve our quality and hygienic practices.

Fancy Nails, we only use the best and the most popular nail polish available, with a wide range of colors from nail lacquer, shellac/gel polish, and dipping powder colors.

At Fancy Nails - Your relaxing time would become more enjoyable than ever!